The benefit of digital claims

The benefit of digital claims


The benefit of digital claims

Quick: where’s the closest fax machine to you? And what’s the mailing address of your insurance provider?  

When you have an accident, illness, or injury, you want state-of-the-art care in modern facilities. Your claims process should be just as advanced. 

Digital claims filing makes the process easier, faster, and more efficient. And tools like Unum’s online accounts make filing claims and accessing plan documents convenient. 

With Unum’s digital claims filing, you can start a claim or report a new absence, save your progress for later, and take advantage of our claims wizard, which will check your submission for completeness and sends alerts about missing information. To simplify the process even more, you can find all these features in the “To Do” center on 

It’s a digital world 

Transparency and constant communication are crucial to the benefits process. When you submit documentation, you want to know it was received so your claim is processed as soon as possible. With your Unum online account, you can check the status of your claim and set up text or email updates to keep you informed. 

Of course, many medical bills, receipts, and other documents come to you in paper form. Tools like Unum’s online claims take that into consideration, as well. Simply photograph documents with your phone and upload them online. No copy machines necessary. By choosing email or text communications, you get instant confirmation that they’ve been submitted. And no processing delays caused by mail delivery. 

Perhaps the most important question anyone asks when filing claims is, “When will I receive my benefits?” That’s where filing online becomes the best decision you could make. When you sign up for direct deposit online, you’ll receive payments up to a week faster than paper checks.  

Get the benefits you need right when you need them most by filing online. 

Log into your Unum online account today to update your contact information and review your policy — so you’re prepared if you need us in the future.