Digital benefits tools save money… and your sanity

Digital benefits tools save money… and your sanity


Digital benefits tools save money… and your sanity

It’s nice to be needed. But if you administer benefits for your company, it can sometimes feel like you’re needed too much— answering employee questions, invoices reviews, payment management, and countless other tasks. 

The solution is digital benefits administration. Digital benefits tools aren’t just convenient, they can also save an organization money and increase productivity.  

According to the 2022 PricewaterhouseCoopers HR Tech Survey, nearly a quarter of respondents listed benefits as one of their top challenges. When asked about outcomes from using digital HR tools, 82% said their company saved money and 86% said they improved productivity by implementing online HR systems. 

Build Better Benefits  

Digital benefits tools not only deliver faster service, but more accurate information for you. By offering the ability to make employee changes online, and then submit payments online, the MyUnum portal eliminates administrative costs related to keeping paper records and mailing checks.  

Self-service for your employees 

With those online tools, you can confidently send your employees to the portal for the most up to date and accurate information possible. It means they can get their claims filed, approved, and even paid without the need for your office to intervene. They can get all the forms they need online, receive updates by email or text, and get payments by direct deposit.  

Of course, digital tools can’t replace people. But they can help a plan administrator complete more tasks in less time with fewer errors. “As an employer or plan administrator, your time is valuable,” says Stephanie Ek, Vice President, Client Experience. “Small tasks can take up your time that could be better used to grow your business, generate new ideas and cultivate your talent.”  

Today’s workforce has become more remote or plugged into digital devices, so online tools are a must to manage your benefits, find answers to common questions in our Resource section, make employee changes, and pay your bills. That’s how you can save time – and money. Register or log into your Unum portal account today. 

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