Digital benefits administration makes collaboration simple

Digital benefits administration makes collaboration simple

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Digital benefits administration makes collaboration simple

Benefits management is a team effort. You have your HR team, your plan administrator, your finance team and more. Multiple levels of reviews, bills to be paid and so much information to manage. It can be too much for any one person.

We do so much of our work online already, and it allows us to collaborate, share, connect and communicate with our colleagues and business partners. Why should your employee benefits be any different?

Digital benefits tools, such as MyUnum, allow you and your coworkers to make and review employee changes, stay on top of invoices and pay online, without having to pass along paper documents, cut checks or mail in paperwork.

Managing your benefits online has several advantages, including:

  • Real-time access for multiple users
  • Records of employee changes
  • Payment confirmations for bills
  • Reduction in paper and postage costs
  • Simpler adherence to compliance regulations

“The right digital tool makes managing benefits easy, allows you to pay online and give you access to the reports and documents you need with just a click,” says Tim Aube, AVP of Client Success at Unum. “MyUnum allows our clients to work with their colleagues more efficiently.”

Rather than running printouts from department to department and requesting paper checks to be issued, MyUnum allows multiple users to log in, find information, make employee changes and schedule payments. Even a feature like Autopay is made better through collaboration, as your approver can review the latest invoices online to ensure everything is correct before the next payment.

Lastly, by reducing the reliance on paper and emails, companies can save money and worry less about compliance issues. Managing benefits digitally maintains secure records that are available in one place to relevant stakeholders.

Ready to make working together even easier? Register or log into MyUnum today.

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