Smashing the stigma around mental health

Smashing the stigma around mental health

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Smashing the stigma around mental health

Mental and behavioral health. We’ve all heard about the importance of taking care of our mental wellbeing. In fact, over the last few years mental health issues have been steadily rising. Couple that with a global pandemic and you could be left feeling a bit lost.

Through its Healthier Communities program, Unum is prioritizing its commitment to supporting mental and physical wellbeing in local communities by committing $3 million over the next three years to support those who are disproportionately at risk to adverse health outcomes.

“This is one of the main reasons we’ve chosen to partner with the Yellow Tulip Project: to transform the way we think and talk about mental health,” said Cary Olson Cartwright, Unum’s AVP of Corporate Social Responsibility.

One of the practical ways Unum is working with the Yellow Tulip Project (YTP) is sponsoring Back-to-School Care Kits. These kits are intended to help young people re-enter the college campus with non-judgmental, adaptable tools and self-care advice. The Care Kits are written through the trained lens of YTP’s youth ambassadors who know the effects of COVID-era anxiety inside and out. 

Additionally, Unum has given a grant to help YTP’s youth ambassadors with professional development including trainings and workshops that will enable the organization to grow and more effectively share their message of hope.

The Yellow Tulip Project empowers youth with leadership positions in the non-profit, these youth ambassadors help inspire productive conversations about how to combat the rising rates of suicide and normalizing the way we talk about mental health.

“We’ve also been able to help YTP through our Social Justice Fund to reach the most diverse group of students with their mental health efforts,” said Cary.

Unum’s Social Justice Fund helps create stronger, more equitable communities by supporting organizations working to end racism, discrimination and bias. The majority of funds have supported civic engagement programs and organizations. Support has also gone to help marginalized individuals or groups address issues or concerns regarding their community.

Unum’s partnership with the Yellow Tulip Project is part of their Healthier Communities program. Through this program Unum aims to transform the way people think and talk about mental health, strengthen the capacity of traditional and non-traditional systems to respond to the current mental health crisis, and support local youth by working to stop trauma and supporting programs that are addressing their adverse impacts when it does happen.

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