Rooting on the home team for a good cause

Rooting on the home team for a good cause

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Rooting on the home team for a good cause

More than 160 Worcester-based employees and their guests came out to enjoy a baseball game and celebrate Autism Acceptance Night at Polar Park on July 31.

Unum is an official founding corporate partner of the Worcester Red Sox, or WooSox as they are popularly known. Unum’s support—along with the support of the other founding corporate partners—has helped pave the way for the team to move from Pawtucket to Worcester.

Through its Healthier Communities program, Unum is making America’s favorite pastime accessible and enjoyable for all families. Its investment led to the creation of the Unum Sensory Friendly Room at Polar Park stadium, which provides a safe space for all families and individuals to enjoy the game.

Ron Mobley, assistant vice president of IDI risk management, was on hand to throw the first pitch and to share why the night was meaningful.

“We know the noise and excitement at the game can be overwhelming,” said Mobley. “It was important for us to invest in the Unum Sensory Friendly Room and make Polar Park inclusive for all.”

The Unum Sensory Friendly Room has already made an impact for Worcester families. Tori Mankin and her son Bennie enjoyed the space during a recent game:

The room was absolutely perfect for a break. We spent almost 30 minutes in here alone. He watched the fish in the bubble tank and Bennie explored different sensory inputs like Rubix Cubes, stress balls and so much more. They had sensory bags already made for people who may need one. These included headphones, fidgets, sunglasses and feeling cards. The room is just what Bennie needed for a quick break! We had a very successful adventure! Something we both needed!

Jennifer Farrell, a Unum employee, also expressed her appreciation, “as an Autism parent, I am proud to work for a company that sponsors events like this.”

In honor of Autism Acceptance Night, the WooSox partnered with experts to make the event special and inclusive for all by adjusting the lighting and volume of announcements.

Unum’s Healthier Communities program supports those who are disproportionately at risk to adverse health outcomes by funding innovative, forward-thinking and action-oriented health and wellbeing programs where we have special expertise.