Worcester students learn about sustainability through local grant program

Worcester students learn about sustainability through local grant program

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Worcester students learn about sustainability through local grant program

What’s key to building a sustainable future? Investing in future generations education today. That’s what Unum is doing through Strong Schools Sustainability Grant Programs. These grants fund projects that inspire students to learn about their impact on the world while practicing creativity, problem solving, leadership and driving change.

Since 2008, Unum has contributed more than $700,000 in grants to educators in Chattanooga, Columbia and Worcester. From designing pollinators and getting hands-on with renewable, clean energy to taking an in-depth review of the constitution, funding like this makes it possible for students to explore an array of important global topics that they may otherwise not be able to.

“Unum has provided the opportunity for teachers like me to expand student learning,” shared Brenda Dubrey from Worcester’s Thorndyke Road School. Brenda represents one of 25 Worcester public school K-12 educators that received a Unum grant for this school year.

Thorndyke Road School students will put their grant towards creating a sustainable classroom in nature. “My students will have the opportunity to grow plants in an outdoor greenhouse, water the plants using rain barrels, and learn in this space with reading benches,” said Brenda.

Worcester students learn about sustainability through local grant programWorcester native and Senior Vice Present of Unum Steve Joseph presented Worcester educators with a round of grants in January. “I went through the Worcester Public School system myself. Knowing how supportive Unum is to the Worcester community and having the opportunity to meet and interact with educators through this program is very special,” reflected Steve.

Worcester Technical High School will create an indoor and outdoor garden to promote healthy sustainable choices in an urban setting with their grant. “Our students will be able to carry this hands-on experience throughout their lives,” said Dina Taylor, Early childhood teacher at Worcester Technical High School.

In addition to providing students creative opportunities to learn, the grant program creates opportunities for Unum to build for the future. “As a local employer, these students are the future of our business. We want students and educators to be aware of Unum and know that Unum is a place to build a successful career,” commented Steve.

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