Good food, new perspectives served up at Gratefull

Good food, new perspectives served up at Gratefull

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Good food, new perspectives served up at Gratefull

Unum employees kicked off the holiday season by joining events in the cities they call home. Nearly 300 employees from Unum’s U.S. campuses gathered for the second annual Gratefull@Unum event on Nov. 22, where they shared their unique perspectives over a potluck lunch.

Gratefull@Unum was inspired by the company’s participation in a city-wide potluck event in Chattanooga, Tennessee, sponsored by local nonprofit, Causeway. Organizers close a block in the city the Monday before Thanksgiving and invite community members to eat together at one family-style table.

Since 2013, Unum has been a major sponsor of Causeway’s Gratefull. The company’s employees also volunteer during the event, helping the Chattanooga community embrace the spirit of Thanksgiving.

“Being there for others is central to who we are, so we’re glad to support Gratefull and help welcome all Chattanoogans to one table to share a meal,” said Liz Ahmed, executive vice president of People & Communications for Unum.

Causeway’s event creates a space for meaningful interaction between people of different ages, races, religions, socioeconomic statuses and backgrounds – and Unum leaders decided to bring this idea indoors. The effort was spearheaded by the Office of Inclusion & Diversity, led by Wade Hinton, vice president of the department. Gratefull@Unum is another way the company continues to build an inclusive workplace for all.

During Gratefull@Unum, employee participants joined in guided discussion about what it means to be your true, authentic self at work. Employees were encouraged to dig deep and learn from their peers.

Unum welcomed special guests who joined the festivities from the Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy (CGLA). The company hosts girls from CGLA for a monthly mentorship program, and the event aligned with their mentor day. The students and their mentors ate together and joined in the talks.

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