Andy Massey has a passion for giving back

Andy Massey has a passion for giving back

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Andy Massey has a passion for giving back

Andy Massey, a life event specialist in Unum’s Chattanooga office, developed a passion for giving back to his local community when he was growing up. Living in a smaller community meant fewer recreational activities outside of school, so Andy got creative in how he spent time outside the classroom.

“I started getting involved in my local community with school outings, working on farms, serving the underprivileged and doing missionary work with my dad,” Andy said.

In five years at Unum, he’s volunteered at numerous events, including the company’s annual Day of Caring, acting as a mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters and his favorite event, the Back to School Bash with the Chambliss Center.

“Working with the Chambliss Center has always been personal for me. My wife and I fostered my nieces and nephews who were in the Chambliss Center, and I know how much they care about the children there,” Andy added.

As a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters, Andy is paired with 1-2 children every school year, making connections and spending an hour every Friday during the school year with them.

“It means a lot to work for a company that encourages us to get involved in our communities and help others as part of our job,” Andy said. “I try to motivate others to do so, too.”

Andy encourages anyone looking to get involved with the community to reach out, learn about events and give it a try, at least once.

“You’re going to have an impact whether you realize it or not.”