Unyae Lee is passionate about serving

Unyae Lee is passionate about serving

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Unyae Lee is passionate about serving

A senior human resources representative in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Unyae Lee enjoys working with students from the Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy and has developed a bond with many of them.

For Unum’s 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report, Unyae talked about how volunteering became an important part of her life and her appreciation for working at a company that encourages it.

“Sports were a big part of my life growing up, and my teammates and I were required to give back to the community. At first, those volunteer requirements were things I tried to just check off, but my perspective changed when I saw all the good that happened when I gave back and helped others.

“When I joined Unum, I noticed many of my coworkers were heavily invested in organizations such as United Way and Big Brothers Big Sisters, and they were passionate about getting others to participate. I was ecstatic to get involved.

“I enjoy working with the girls at Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy the most. Wherever I volunteer, I’m intentional about treating people like family, and the CGLA girls feel like my little sisters. Sometimes they don’t know me from a bag of peanuts, but they see someone who looks like them and I know how impactful that is. I can’t create their perfect roadmap, but I can offer my time and create a safe space.

“I appreciate being a part of a company that wants to use resources to better others through their people. We spend most of our days in the workplace helping our clients, and it’s nice to shift that focus over to our communities, too.”

Visit Unum’s 2018 Corporate Responsibility site to learn more about how Unum and its employees are making a difference in people’s lives, from customers and employees — and, just as importantly, to the communities they call home.

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