Lee Trask is mentoring the next generation of Unum employees

Lee Trask is mentoring the next generation of Unum employees

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Lee Trask is mentoring the next generation of Unum employees

Lee Trask, a senior contact center specialist in our Portland, Maine, office, started his Unum career after spending 15 years in the Air Force. Unum wasn’t new to Lee, though. His mom and dad, along with two aunts, retired from the company years ago.

“My mom started working in Underwriting the day after her high school graduation and retired in her 50s. My dad worked in Accounting and was here for more than 20 years,” Lee said. “I grew up coming to work with them, so I knew a lot about the company and that it would be a great place to begin my civilian career.”

In the military, Lee started as an aircraft mechanic and worked his way up to manpower management, which basically meant he put the right people, with the proper training, in positions suited to their skillset.

Connecting with people and understanding their strengths is something Lee is good at, and it’s helped him work his way up the ranks at Unum, too. Lee joined Unum’s call center nearly eight years ago and has excelled in his customer service role.

“We’re the primary voice of the company to our customers, which can be tough at times, but also very rewarding,” he said. “It’s our job to provide the best customer experience possible, and I really enjoy talking to our customers and providing the help they need. A simple ‘thank you’ is probably the most satisfying thing a customer can say at the end of the call, because it means I helped them.”

Although Lee enjoys one-on-one customer interaction, most of his time now is spent mentoring new customer service representatives.

When a new representative starts answering calls, they’re turned over to Lee or another member of Unum’s senior team. During this time, Lee will listen to live calls, provide direct coaching and offer feedback on what they did well or how they can improve.

“It’s an important step for our representatives to have someone by their side to guide them,” Lee said. “I love passing on my knowledge and seeing their lightbulb come on. It shows I’m doing something right.”

Lee asks the customer representatives under his guidance to perform their jobs with integrity – a core value from his days in the Air Force – and, above all, with empathy.

“It’s imperative they understand how important connecting with Unum is for our customers who need to use their employee benefits, sometimes during very difficult times,” he said. “The message is really simple: Treat our customers how you’d like to be treated if you were in their shoes.”

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