Keep your internal critic in control

Keep your internal critic in control

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Keep your internal critic in control

We all have them: nagging voices and negative thoughts that come to you from time to time that cast self-doubt and even impact your feeling of worthiness. They encourage procrastination and perfectionism. If not managed, they can quickly take over, hindering you from facing your fears, and pursuing your ambitions and dreams.

It might sound something like “I’m going to embarrass myself” or “I won’t get the promotion. My work isn’t good enough.” Thankfully, you can overcome these feelings by being proactive in managing your inner critic and developing a more productive dialogue with yourself.

Consider these four tips to help keep your inner critic in-check:

 1. Be aware of your thoughts

Your thoughts are constantly coming and going, and you likely often don’t take the time to assess their validity. Begin by being more in-tune with your thoughts and recognize they’re not always true.

 2. Separate yourself from your inner critic

Put down your microscope and detach yourself from your critic. This will help you view the situation more objectively and recognize you’re probably over-analyzing it.

 3. Determine what that negative inner voice is saying to you

These thoughts are often exaggerated, biased and disproportionate to the reality of the situation. Replace these critiques with more fair and accurate statements to adjust how you view yourself.

 4. Change the dialogue

Be kind to yourself. Like offering advice to a family member or friend, offer words of compassion and encouragement. Treat yourself as you’d treat others.

Some may think the inner critic has your best interests in mind. However, if a focus on perfection isn’t balanced with logic, the stress and pressure can build up and impact your success, health and relationships.

Applying these tips takes practice and persistence, but you’ll find it’ll make you much calmer and more productive.

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