Katrina Clark is helping create a culture of inclusion

Katrina Clark is helping create a culture of inclusion

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Katrina Clark is helping create a culture of inclusion

As an inclusion and diversity HR program manager for Unum, Katrina Clark develops and supports programs and initiatives to integrate inclusion and diversity throughout the company and works with Unum’s employee resource groups and Inclusion Council to ensure their work aligns with the company’s commitment to a more inclusive workplace.

For Unum’s 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report, Katrina shared the work she and her colleagues are doing to help foster a workplace that welcomes diverse backgrounds and perspectives, and reflects Unum’s customers and the communities where it has operations.

“I’ve been with Unum for more than 16 years, and I’ve experienced firsthand the organization’s commitment to its people. Our focus on inclusion and diversity builds on this foundation to ensure the contributions of every team member are appreciated and valued. And by leveraging the diverse perspectives of our employees, we’re able to better reflect and understand the communities where we do business and the customers we serve.”

“Our employee resource groups have grown significantly over the past year, with more than 10% of our employees participating. That’s more than 1,000 passionate and uniquely equipped members creating fun and creative opportunities for our employees to learn more about one another and the benefits of being an inclusive and diverse workplace.

“The diversity of our employees is what makes us strong, and an inclusive workplace where diversity is valued is what makes us special. It’s also proven to yield positive business results, including higher rates of innovation and higher employee satisfaction and retention.

“I also look at it in far simpler terms: It’s the right thing to do. Inclusion and diversity work is for everyone. But no matter how many diverse employees we bring through our doors, we will only meet our goal of becoming the most inclusive, diverse, and welcoming company in our industry if those employees feel valued and appreciated once they’re here. That’s where each of us has a responsibility to be inclusive in the way we interact with one another, in the way we lead and in the way we make decisions each and every day. I’m excited for the progress we’ve made and to be a part of the work that’s yet to come.”

Visit Unum’s 2018 Corporate Responsibility site to learn more about how Unum and its employees are making a difference in people’s lives, from customers and employees — and, just as importantly, to the communities they call home.

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