This employee changed careers to work for a charitable company

This employee changed careers to work for a charitable company

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This employee changed careers to work for a charitable company

Before joining Unum, Mauro DePasquale had a history of pursuing his creative side. In his younger years, Mauro worked as a travel writer in Europe.

“I got to stay at luxury hotels in Europe and write promotional materials for a travel company,” Mauro said.

His job before that was as a bassist for a touring reggae group based in New York City. He also served a stint as an innovation fellow for The Art of Science Learning, a National Science Foundation-funded initiative that uses art-based learning to strength STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) skills and foster creativity in the 21st century workforce.

When the time came to transition to a more balanced job, Mauro made the career leap to Unum after speaking with several employees and ambassadors at one of The Art of Science Learning’s workshops held at Unum.

“I was impressed by the culture of the organization and the opportunities to be part of a company with so much invested in the community,” Mauro said.

Mauro’s journey at Unum has been a successful one. In 2018, Mauro was selected to attend Aspire. He said, “Working day in and day out with so many knowledgeable and talented individuals, it meant a lot to be selected. It was a big honor and something I won’t forget.”

Community involvement — as well as contributing to the arts — is important to Mauro, which makes him proud to work for Unum.

“We contribute to everything from education to social initiatives, to the arts,” he said. “It’s not uncommon to find the Unum logo proudly hanging in some of the best places to visit around town like the Worcester Art Museum, Bravehearts Park and Railers. I’m proud to work for a company that has such a strong commitment to the local community.”

Mauro continues to challenge himself to find opportunities that allow him to use his creative side at the office, acting as a photographer and videographer for Unum’s International Day celebration for Worcester.

“I’m always looking to discover opportunities to better apply my skills and talents in a way that best serves the organization.”

In addition to using his imagination at Unum, he continues to work as a freelance multimedia artist, musician and writer, and enjoys traveling to catch shows or exhibits any chance he gets.

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