For benefits you don’t have to worry about, We’ve Got U.

For benefits you don’t have to worry about, We’ve Got U.

We Are Unum

For benefits you don’t have to worry about, We’ve Got U.

The way we see it, dealing with benefits shouldn’t get in the way of people living life. It should be easy and hassle-free.  A new mom shouldn’t have to think about her coverage when she’s starting the biggest adventure of her life. Someone who is injured or sick shouldn’t have more obstacles placed in their way to recovery.

In a new ad campaign that specifically targets companies whose primary motivation is knowing their employees are taken care of, Unum’s message is simple – We’ve Got U.

But We’ve Got U is more than just a campaign; it’s a promise. And it’s one our employees live every day.

When Unum customers experience an interruption in their lives because of an injury or illness, the goal for many of them is to get back to “normal,” and a big part of that is their work life.

“I have the privilege of helping restore work-life normalcy for customers during their recovery and rehabilitation process,” said Betty Morris, a senior vocational rehabilitation consultant at Unum. “For some, that means working with them and their employers to let them return to their job gradually or make simple changes to their worksite. For others, helping them change career direction might be needed. Throughout the process, I am aware that this is a very difficult time in their life. Empathy and compassion are tools of my trade. My goal is to be there for my customers and to help them get their ‘normal’ back, even if it means a new normal.”

Every day, we hear from customers who tell us their Unum experience has made a real difference during a tough time. Desiree Rufer said Disability Benefits Specialist Rebecca Cunniff showed kindness, empathy and patience throughout the duration of her claim.

“She [Rebecca] handled my case with the utmost professionalism, while really caring for me and truly understanding my situation. Rebecca was with me every step of the way,” Desiree said.

From an accident or an illness to a long-term disability or planning for leave, when you’ve got Unum, you can rest assured Betty and Rebecca and the rest of Unum’s nearly 10,000 employees are working to deliver the very best customer experience in the benefits business.

We’ve Got U.

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