Partner Profile: Chattanooga Symphony & Opera

Partner Profile: Chattanooga Symphony & Opera

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Partner Profile: Chattanooga Symphony & Opera

Partner Profile: Chattanooga Symphony & Opera (CSO)

Location: Chattanooga, Tennessee

Mission: To inspire, engage and enrich the greater Chattanooga community through music and music education.

How does Unum support the Chattanooga Symphony & Opera? “Unum has been one of the strongest supporters of our education programs for several years,” said Samantha Teter, executive director of CSO. “Unum allows us to implement our music education programs, such as Ensembles in Schools, Young People’s Concerts and more.”Partner Profile: Chattanooga Symphony & Opera

Why does Unum support the Chattanooga Symphony & Opera? “Unum is incredibly proud to partner with the Chattanooga Symphony & Opera in their educational programming,” said Miles Huff, community relations specialist for Unum. “There is no doubt that the link between arts and culture and formal learning is strong, and the Chattanooga Symphony’s programs are helping to develop more holistically intelligent and cultured students in our city.”

What impact has it had on Chattanooga Symphony & Opera? Through funding from Unum, CSO is able to send its quintets into approximately 65 schools in 12 counties each season with their Ensembles in Schools program. The program reaches approximately 25,000 children each year as well as CSO’s Young People’s Concerts, Strings in Schools programs and Sensory Friendly Concerts.

“We are also now able to provide resources to music educators so they can properly educate their students in orchestral and classical music,” Teter said.

How can people get involved with your organization? The CSO relies on an entire community of volunteers, musicians, staff, board, partners, educators and more to keep the organization active. Most CSO volunteers are utilized during CSO concerts and in the administrative office. The organization is also seeking individuals who value the CSO in the community to serve on their board of directors. CSO is looking for active and energetic people from a variety of backgrounds to help lead the organization through strategic planning and governance. CSO also relies on patrons who purchase tickets to concerts and donors who help support several programs.

Volunteering is simple, and a sign-up form is available on their website.

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