Jineen valued that Unum was in her court

Jineen valued that Unum was in her court

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Jineen valued that Unum was in her court

From courtrooms to the racquetball court, Jineen Pavesi was always on the go.

In her career as court reporter, Jineen bustled around the streets of Manhattan collecting testimonies from defendants, plaintiffs and expert witnesses.

To unwind from a big day at work, Jineen enjoyed yoga, Zumba and ballroom dancing. But her high-energy lifestyle came to a screeching halt when she fell on the racquetball court.

“I knew it wasn’t good,” she said. “I was in so much pain.”

She had two injuries — a broken wrist and crushed rotator cuff — that severely limited her mobility and would require surgery. And for her to slow down.

“I cried for days because I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t work or carry my equipment, and I couldn’t do the things I love. I was really sad.”

But one thing Jineen said she’s forever grateful for is Unum and Caitlin, her customer service representative. Caitlin showed empathy and compassion, and took a general interest in her recovery, she said.

Although Jineen has had a tough recovery, she’s adamant that Unum’s disability benefits were a life-saver.

“Buying my individual disability policy years ago was hands down the best decision I’ve ever made. I would tell anyone it’s the best money you’ll ever spend, and I’m so grateful to have it.”

Jineen said she doesn’t know how she would’ve paid her bills: from normal, everyday expenses to the big stuff, such as her mortgage and car payments. She also said she would’ve had to dip into retirement savings without the benefit payments — and that would trigger early withdrawal fees to boot.

The best part, aside from the financial peace of mind, was that she could slowly transition back to work on a part-time basis, and still receive disability payment benefits.

“I could go at my own pace and didn’t have to rush my recovery,” she said. “That was meaningful.”

After another surgery, Jineen is thankful she has the financial support to prioritize her health and well-being as she recovers. She’s in physical therapy, and anxiously hoping to get back to the dance floor soon. Her favorite dance partner (her husband) is eager for her return, too.

“My story isn’t special. I’m a normal person and was doing an everyday activity. But my life is different now, and Unum had my back.”

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