Why I Give: Alisha Smith

Why I Give: Alisha Smith

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Why I Give: Alisha Smith

Alisha Smith, a senior disability benefits specialist at Unum, donates blood because of her rare blood type.

“I feel it’s especially important for me to donate since I have a rare blood type,” Alisha said. “Each time I donate I could potentially be saving three lives, and I’m helping others at a crucial time in their lives.”

Alisha also encourages others to donate because it takes very little time, is practically painless and you get a T-shirt.

“There are four blood drives each year on campus – if one person donates each of those times, 12 lives could be saved,” Alisha said. “I encourage others to think about 12 people they care about and imagine if they needed blood.”

There’s always a need for blood, especially in the summer months when donations are lower. Every two seconds, someone in the United States needs blood, and your donation could potentially save up to three lives.

The American Red Cross facilitates a blood drive on the Chattanooga campus.

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