Employee spotlight: How Danny Waxenberg supports United Way

Employee spotlight: How Danny Waxenberg supports United Way


Employee spotlight: How Danny Waxenberg supports United Way

Danny Waxenberg, SVP and chief accounting officer at Unum, has been the co-champion of Unum’s Chattanooga United Way committee for two years.

Here, in a Q&A with WorkWell, he shares how he supports the United Way and why he feels it’s important to give back.

What have you experienced by working on Unum’s United Way committee that’s inspired you?

I’ve been inspired, and quite frankly blown away, by the amount of energy and enthusiasm for giving throughout our entire company. As the largest corporate campaign in Chattanooga for the United Way, I knew it was a priority for us, but as I got more involved in the details, I realized just how much our employees give time, resources and ideas to make the campaign a success. Across every single department in this company, our employees do not hesitate to get involved in multiple ways, and it’s pretty amazing to see how everyone steps up when called.

Why do you volunteer your time to support the United Way and get involved in your community?

I’ve always felt being involved and helping those in need is important for everyone to do. But the importance of volunteering really hit home when I toured Orange Grove. I’ll always remember that visit, because I was able to see up close, through the smiles and work of the students and employees, just how much of a difference we can make in the lives of others. I knew I had to do more.

The impact the United Way has on our community is measurable in dollars and cents. That’s important, but it’s through learning more about each individual agency, and what their continuing and growing needs are, that I want to be involved and help however is needed.

Why should companies and employees support the United Way and its partner agencies?

Unum is one of the largest employers in the Chattanooga community. That alone means we have a responsibility to do what we can to help. We know employees right here in this building have received help from the United Way, either directly or indirectly through family and friends.

Unum isn’t the only company like this, though. In every community, the United Way and its partner agencies make a direct impact on stability for the most vulnerable members of our communities. These are our fellow community members, our coworkers and our friends. The United Way reaches everyone, therefore it is important to make sure that it is strong, not only for our Unum community, but for our local community, as well.

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