Partner Profile: Working for Worcester

Partner Profile: Working for Worcester


Partner Profile: Working for Worcester

Partner Profile: Working for Worcester

Location: Worcester, Massachusetts

Mission: The mission of Working for Worcester (W4W) is to mobilize college students to improve recreation infrastructure and opportunities within neighborhoods across the city. The organization is a city-wide partnership of student organizations, local businesses, academic institutions, city government and community groups.

How does Unum support Working for Worcester? “Unum has been one of the foremost partners of the Working for Worcester project since our inception in 2012,” said Jeffrey Reppucci, founder of Working for Worcester. “Unum facilitates connections with numerous Worcester businesses and community organizations, and always deeply involved in W4W’s annual projects.”

Each year, Unum not only commits resources to build days, but Unum employees also join the volunteer core where they build better wellness opportunities for kids. Unum’s senior vice president Steve Joseph devotes his personal time to Working for Worcester as a member of the advisory board, bringing insight, business expertise and networks to help the W4W community mission grow.

Partner Profile: Working for WorcesterWhat impact has it had on Working for Worcester? Unum has built and improved playgrounds throughout the Worcester community. In 2013, Unum employees came together to plant, mulch and build a play castle for South High’s preschool and daycare program. Unum sponsored the entire renovation at South High and dozens of Unum employees joined in on build day. They created a new recreation space, but also an incredible moment of community.

This year, W4W celebrated their fifth anniversary with a city-wide service day on April 29. Student volunteers partnered with Unum to convert a basement storage room into a multipurpose STEAM room, a new nationwide initiative that incorporates art and design into STEM rooms. The new space helps students learn creative and flexible problem solving skills. Unum volunteers also installed a new playground for the school, promoting youth recreation.

Why does Unum support Working for Worcester? “Unum is committed to social responsibility and improving the lives of people in our community,” Joseph shared. “We look forward to build day every year. It’s a day when we come together as a city, roll up our sleeves and create fun, safe spaces for our kids to play and learn.”

CBS Boston recently caught up with Steve, Jeffrey and Worcester City Manager Ed Augustus to showcase the great work W4W is doing in the community.

Learn how to donate to W4W’s 2018 site projects or volunteer to help here.