Partner Profile: Blood Assurance

Partner Profile: Blood Assurance


Partner Profile: Blood Assurance

Partner Profile: Blood Assurance

Location: Chattanooga, Tennessee

Mission: The mission of Blood Assurance is to provide a safe and adequate supply of blood and blood components, in a cost-effective manner, to every area patient in need. In 2017, Blood Assurance will partner with community businesses to raise awareness on the importance of blood donation. Unum is the #BAChampion partner for May.

How does Unum support Blood Assurance? Unum has partnered with Blood Assurance since 1977, contributing more than 11,000 total units of blood to save local patients’ lives. Mindy Quinn, marketing manager, says this partnership helped create Unum’s selection as a #BAChampion partner.

“We are thrilled to be teaming up with Unum and its veteran network group to further educate the community on the importance of blood donations,” she said. “Unum has been a supportive partner for decades, so to team up with them as this month’s #BAChampion partner is a great opportunity to honor National Military Appreciation Month together.”

Throughout May, all community members can donate at blood drives and donor centers in honor of current and former members of the U.S. Armed Forces, especially those who have died in the pursuit of freedom. Donors may sign their name or the name of the person they’re honoring under their respective military branch on signs at every donor center and blood drive this month, in addition to receiving a special t-shirt.

What impact has it had on Blood Assurance?

“Each donation of blood can be used to save lives of patients of any age in the Chattanooga community, including premature babies, oncology patients, trauma victims, surgery patients and many more,” Mindy said. Patients undergoing surgery, receiving cancer treatment or organ transplants rely on donated blood – in addition to unexpected trauma patients seen at hospitals on a daily basis.

Blood Assurance relies on 540 donors every day to meet the needs of more than 76 health care facilities. Mobile blood drives and partnerships with area businesses are crucial to meet this need.

Why does Unum support Blood Assurance?

John Amnah, Unum employee and member of the Veteran Network Group, says support for Blood Assurance is a great tie-in for the group and the company.

“While in the military, all of us were honored to have the ability to serve others,” John said.  “The #BAChampion partnership is a wonderful opportunity for us to give back and encourage other Chattanoogans to do the same.”

Learn how to donate and find a Blood Assurance donor center or blood drive happening near you here.