Veteran profile: Lloyd strives for excellence in two careers

Veteran profile: Lloyd strives for excellence in two careers


Veteran profile: Lloyd strives for excellence in two careers

Christopher Lloyd, disability benefits specialist in Portland, has been with Unum for more than a year.

Here in a Q&A with WorkWell, he talks about how he manages two full-time jobs; being in the National Guard and working for Unum, while still striving for excellence.

Veteran profile: Lloyd strives for excellence in two careers

WorkWell: In which branch of the military do you serve?

Lloyd: I joined the Maine Army National Guard when I was 17, and I’ve served for more than 10 years now. It’s something I’ve wanted to do since I was 12 or 13. I started as a private, worked my way through the enlisted side, went to college and received my bachelor’s degree in business. I completed my military science portion in order to get commissioned as an officer. In my ten years I have always been part of the U.S. Amy Corps of Engineers.

WorkWell: What is your military schedule like?

Lloyd: On paper, my drill schedule is one weekend a month and one two-week annual training event. As an officer, I’m usually putting in a lot of hours throughout the work week, planning training events, taking care of my soldiers or assisting in other areas where my leadership may need me. So technically, I have two full-time jobs.

WorkWell: How has the transition from the military to corporate America been and has Unum made it easy?

Lloyd: It’s not too different, but there are certain areas of corporate life that differ greatly in regards to structure and organization. Unum has made life incredibly easy. I can’t be more thankful to my director and the entire staff in Long Term Disability for supporting me. I don’t know how I would manage without them.

WorkWell: What did your time in the military teach you and how are you applying what you learned to your corporate life?

Lloyd: All of the value’s that the Army lives by; I incorporate them in my day-to-day life at Unum. I want to do everything within my power to satisfy a customer no matter the sacrifice, but I also want to support my team wherever I can as well.

WorkWell: What impressed you about Unum?

Lloyd: Unum is an organization that strives for excellence. The company’s values are very similar to the Army’s. Unum aspires to live by values such as loyalty, integrity, selfless service, respect and honor. It’s a company where I immediately found a home.