Employee spotlight: How Melanie Langston supports United Way

Employee spotlight: How Melanie Langston supports United Way


Employee spotlight: How Melanie Langston supports United Way

Melanie Langston, director in Long Term Disability, has been with Unum for 13 years and dedicates her time to the United Way to promote the campaigns and support families in need.

Here, in a Q&A with WorkWell, she shares how she supports the United Way of Greater Chattanooga by promoting United Way whenever she can.

WorkWell: How are you involved with the United Way and why?

Melanie: I’ve been a United Way coordinator for the last four years and actively support and spread news about the campaigns. I‘ve also participated in several Days of Caring and Stuff the Bus events. Previously, I wasn’t fully aware of what all United Way does. I now see my role as also being an ambassador – not only during the times of the campaign, but whenever I have a chance to talk about it.

WorkWell: What have you experienced by working on Unum’s UW committee that has inspired you?

Melanie: It excites me to see people come together and work toward the common goal of helping others. The Bake Sale is always a highlight for me. What inspired me the most was when I had the opportunity to speak to some students at a Day of Caring event. I learned how much United Way has supported them and their families and how they wouldn’t have stayed in school without that support.

WorkWell: Why do you volunteer your time to be a member of the committee and why is it important to you?

Melanie: I saw a United Way video about their Lexia Reading Program a few years back. It surprised me how many children in our area aren’t reading at grade level. Until then, I took reading development for granted and hadn’t really thought about the long term impact. United Way partners with the children’s literacy program and children can receive support at more than 50 Lexia Reading Centers in Chattanooga.

WorkWell: What does Unum’s support of United Way mean to you?

Melanie: It means that Unum cares about our community and gets involved – it makes me proud to work here.

WorkWell: Why should companies and employees support the United Way?

Melanie: Because it’s a very effective way to support your own community. The United Way has many programs in place and they address our community’s most pressing needs. Since they have so many different programs, I’m sure everyone can find something they feel passionate about and want to support.