Employee spotlight: How Maria Winn supports United Way

Employee spotlight: How Maria Winn supports United Way


Employee spotlight: How Maria Winn supports United Way

Maria Winn, business specialist for Voluntary Benefits Metrics & Reporting in National Client Group, has been with Unum in Portland for four years.

Here, in a Q&A with WorkWell, she shares how she supports the United Way of Portland by giving back to those who needed a chance like herself.

WorkWell: How are you involved with the United Way and why? 

Winn: I’m involved with United Way through the United Way Cabinet and Lending Hands Committee at Unum. I enjoy being a part of that support system that helps so many.

WorkWell: What have you experienced by working with the United Way that has inspired you? 

Winn: I’ve seen people who were once in difficult situations given support that changed their life. And they in turn chose to give time, money or leadership back to either the community that helped them or another cause they felt passionate about.

WorkWell: How have you been a part of the United Way committee and what’s been your role?

Winn: I’ve been a part of the United Way Miniature Golf Committee for four years now, and I have co-led this event for the past two years. I also sit on the United Way Cabinet and help plan and support all United Way campaign events. I donate food and volunteer in other ways to get people involved.

WorkWell: Why do you volunteer your time to be a member of the committee?

Winn: I first volunteered because I found out it was a way to get involved in the community through work. It’s inspiring and uplifting to know that I work for a company that supports the community and is part of changing lives for the better.

WorkWell: Why is it important to you?

Winn: I was one of those people who had my entire life changed by community support and a government-funded program. I’m proof of the positive impact a community can have on someone, through support and services provided to help people financially, emotionally and physically. For the past 13 years, I’ve been repaying that kindness to others who may be in need of help and support.

WorkWell: Why should Unum employees support the United Way? 

Winn: By supporting now, you’re helping a future family member, friend, colleague or even you get help when a difficult situation comes up. Without the support of many, through volunteer time, financial contributions, resources and leadership, these organizations will struggle to make an impact in our community.