Show your Olympic pride at work

Show your Olympic pride at work


Show your Olympic pride at work

The 2016 Olympic Games are well underway in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

With all the excitement hitting the big screens, consider these ways to extend the international camaraderie to the office.

Keep up with the games on your lunch break. Maybe there’s a noon round of boxing or diving you can watch on your phone or in the break room. Or find a few co-workers to watch an event after work. This will give you time to bond outside of the office and cheer for your favorite athletes.

Show your stripes (and stars) by wearing a themed tie, socks, or shirt.

Participate in an international potluck. Bring in your great-grandmother’s delicious Italian dish or your own American cuisine. This will give you a chance to show off what you know about the most recent tennis match or track and field race.

Hang a flag in your office, whether it’s red, white and blue or your native country, a flag will show your interest in the Games. Also consider “adopting” a country and rooting for another team or underdog. Learn new things about your team’s athletes and their path to the Olympics.

Try to learn a little Portuguese. Even if you can’t make it to Rio for the events, you can sound like a native and impress co-workers with phrases like:

  • “Olá, como você está?” translates to “Hello, how are you?”
  • “O que está fazendo neste fim de semana?” translates to “What are you doing this weekend?”
  • “O esporte olímpico que você mais gosta?” translates to “What Olympic sport do you like?”

Watch an event you’ve never seen before. Everyone has seen gymnastics and swimming but there are newer sports, too. Kitesurfing, golf and sevens rugby are sports being introduced for the first time in the 2016 Games.

Do some research. Look to see when your favorite event will be held on the Olympic Games website. Featured is a full list of sporting events and the USA team members for each. Find what athletes will be the frontrunners and scout competition.





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