Eat your chocolate heart out - it's good for your health

Eat your chocolate heart out – it’s good for your health


Eat your chocolate heart out – it’s good for your health

Great news chocoholics! You can continue to enjoy the smooth decadence of some of your favorite flavors, guilt free.

Eating dark chocolate, when it’s made up of around 70 percent cacao, is not only okay to eat, it’s good for you.  Among other health benefits, it’s been associated with decreased risk for dementia, high blood pressure and high cholesterol as well as increased brain function, improved blood flow and greater sensory awareness. It’s also linked to lower stress levels … but we knew that right?

It’s a convenient option, too; you can find selections chock-full of cacao from recognizable brands such as Ghirardelli, Godiva, Lindt and Dove in your local grocery story.

I’ll take a handful of chocolate chip morsels with a side of homemade hot cocoa, please.

Not a fan of chocolate? (Who are you?) There are plenty of other better-for-you options to enjoy with your “galentines” or true love in the coming weeks. Try these tasty recipes from Good Housekeeping for lemon-maple icebox cake,  fruit compote and granola parfait.

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What to avoid altogether? Glad you asked. Among Best Health Magazine’s five worst treats are those clever candy hearts you secretly love, boxes of assorted chocolates and jelly beans. But even though you might want to consider keeping the pastel-colored-love-message-candy eating to a minimum, the good news is if you want to keep health top-of-mind, you have some pretty tasty options to enjoy in moderation and quench those cravings.

So, grab yourself a delectable dessert, an ice cold glass of almond milk or a piping hot cup of black coffee and enjoy your indulgence guilt-free.

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