In their own words: Drew Newhart shares a lifestyle of service

In their own words: Drew Newhart shares a lifestyle of service


In their own words: Drew Newhart shares a lifestyle of service

Around the country, Unum’s employees generously give their time to create healthier communities where kids and adults alike can thrive. Drew Newhart, a sales representative in Unum’s Charlotte, N.C., location, shares how he and his colleagues work with an organization that cares for the health and wellness of refugees in search of shelter and security.

“I’d worked for a few different organizations before I came to Unum, but hadn’t experienced anything like this.

Now I’m part of a company that shares my core belief in a lifestyle of generosity and service.

I had been volunteering with One7 on my own time, so when our field office decided to choose a local organization to support, the opportunity was there. Now, our whole team is involved in helping One7 and the families it supports. There are children from as many as 20 different countries ranging in age from pre-school to middle school, and they all need love, support and encouragement to get through some difficult circumstances.

Our team organizes clean-up days and fundraisers, and helps with holiday activities at the One7 apartment complex, but my favorite event so far has been a soccer shootout we had with the kids. We wagered a small donation for every goal the kids scored. They were pretty good, so I think we paid out some extra money to the organization that day!

One of the best parts of all this is that serving others is part of my job and part of who we are as a company. It’s one thing for a company to invest in helping others right there at its headquarters, but it’s another thing when all its field employees are encouraged to give back, too.”

Unum’s commitment to making the communities in which it operates better has been a cornerstone of its business since its founding more than 165 years ago. View Unum’s complete 2015 Corporate Responsibility Report or go online to learn more.

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