Get walking for greater well-being

Get walking for greater well-being


Get walking for greater well-being

How many of you look at your phone, television and laptop daily? Okay, everyone. Hourly? All at the same time? Yea, me too.

We’re spending more time than ever in front of screens, and collectively we’re becoming less active. On top of endless beckoning from the internet and our handy (as in glued to our hands) phones, there are tons of other reasons people aren’t more active – busy lives, lack of energy, funding and motivation among them. But walking more is one hassle-free thing you can start doing today that could have major health benefits.

As one of the least expensive, safest, most convenient and sustainable options for fitness out there, walking busts all the excuses. It’s one way employees at Unum are encouraged to stay active, a fact manager and nurse practitioner, Grace Adeniji Ilesanmi, says is helpful for both employees and the company.

“Walking for 30 minutes each day can yield health benefits like reducing the risk of heart disease, high blood sugar and high cholesterol,” she said. “It can also fend off stress and result in improved mental well-being, energy and stamina, which directly impact productivity.”

Also on WorkWell:

I don’t know about you, but that seems like a pretty impressive return on investment to me!

Wednesday, April 6, is National Walking Day, the start of a month-long celebration designed to help us all be more active and the perfect day to get started. Nationwide, people will lace up their tennis shoes to dedicate at least 30 minutes of their day to walking, and you can join in. Here are a few ways to log some extra steps and maybe have some fun, too!

  • Invite your lunch buddy to walk the second half of your break. You’ll get some extra steps in and hopefully enjoy some quality conversation.
  • Take the dog out for an extra long walk – you know he’ll love it.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Go shopping to scout out some summer apparel.
  • Host a walking meeting, perfect for brainstorming or soliciting feedback from a colleague.
  • Walk while you’re waiting. Instead of sitting on the bleachers while your child’s at practice, walk around the field. Walk outside the restaurant as you wait for your table to be ready.
  • Park the car at the shopping center and walk to all your nearby errands.


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