Unum helps build strong leaders through education partnerships

Unum helps build strong leaders through education partnerships


Unum helps build strong leaders through education partnerships

Education is the foundation of a healthy community. A strong tradition of educational opportunities not only improves the quality of life for current residents, but also attracts new people to want to live, work, play, and study in the community you call home.

As a major presence in the communities where we live and work, Unum is committed to improving public education for our children and our neighbors.

Over the years, our commitment to expanding opportunities for student learning has included our support for the development of several key programs, including the Strong Schools Grants program and Girls Leadership Academy in Chattanooga, Tenn. and the Maine Development Foundation’s Education Leaders Experience in Portland, Maine.

Creating opportunities for students and educators

 Since 2008, Unum and the Hamilton County Department of Education have partnered to help increase the quality of education students receive in Chattanooga’s public school system. Part of that partnership includes recognizing outstanding teachers with Unum’s Strong Schools Grant Program. We’ve awarded 374 mini-grants to teachers since 2008 that support innovative projects focused on science, technology, engineering, art or mathematics.

We’ve also partnered with Maine’s Mitchell Institute to provide an annual scholarship to one senior in every Maine high school, as well as special scholarships for minority students. Created to increase the likelihood that students from every Maine community will pursue higher education, the Institute also includes annual adventure/leadership programs for students.

Helping students through college – and beyond

Properly preparing students for the academic, social and financial demands of higher education can make a big difference in their ultimate success. Our support for programs like Tennessee Promise increases education opportunities for high school students through employee mentoring and financial support to help cover community college tuition and fees not covered by other grants or scholarships.

Similarly, employees from our Portland campus work with Jobs for Maine Graduates throughout the year to provide experiential leadership development and support for students facing academic barriers to staying in school, graduating, and transitioning into higher education and employment. Through one-on-one and small-group interactions, students gain the support and confidence they need to success in their chosen path.

And in Unum UK’s Dorking office, employees work with Surrey-based charity SATRO to deliver a range of hands-on programs at local schools, including mentoring, career “speed dating,” math challenges and business games.

We continue to invest heavily in these programs, and many more like them, because they not only improve the educational outlook of children and young adults in our hometowns, they help us build strong communities by developing tomorrow’s leaders.

To learn more about our strong commitment to social responsibility, take a look at our corporate responsibility report.