Disability benefits help former CEO focus on his health after a stroke

Disability benefits help former CEO focus on his health after a stroke


Disability benefits help former CEO focus on his health after a stroke

Not too long ago, N. Vincent was at the height of his professional career. After successful stints in banking and telecommunications, Vincent most recently served as president and CEO of a health care company, sat on a few hospital boards and was chairman of another. But in 2012, at age 55, Vincent suffered a stroke that turned his life upside down.

“To lead a company, you have to communicate well and know how to work with numbers, or at least have an appreciation for how important business transactions will affect the outcome of your company,” Vincent said. “When I had my stroke, the key foundation of my career was wiped out over night.”

Vincent still has problems with his balance and cognitive issues that prevent him from going back to work, but he’s thankful he and his family had disability insurance benefits from Unum that replace a portion of his paycheck while he recovers.

“Things aren’t what they used to be, but I feel very lucky to be here at all,” he said. “I would love for all my health issues to go away, but I realize I have to deal with them the best way I can.”

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As a top-level executive, Vincent was often in annual benefits meetings with his employees. And because he once had a job selling disability and life insurance, and had experienced earlier health issues, he was able to impress upon his employees the value of disability insurance.

“Some of them would lose focus during those long benefits meetings, but I think I got through to some of them on the importance of disability insurance. It’s such a vital product and not enough people understand the value,” he said.

For Vincent and his family, the value of his coverage is clear.

“Having your financial life interrupted can be devastating, because the bills don’t stop when you get sick,” he said. “Supporting my family has always been one of my most important goals. If I wasn’t able to, I’d feel like I was failing at my duties as a husband and father. Because of my disability benefits, my family can still count on me to provide.”

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