Unum focuses on employee wellness and professional development

Unum focuses on employee wellness and professional development


Unum focuses on employee wellness and professional development

In a recent study by Gallup, research reveals that companies that focus on employee well-being boost employee performance, have more engaged employees and even have a workforce that is likely to be more thriving overall.

As a leader in employee benefits, Unum understands the value of supporting the health and well-being of people on the job – and at home. We believe fostering employee well-being and helping people reach their full potential is one of our most important investments.

Promoting wellness

Our global health strategy is designed to address the needs of a multigenerational and changing workforce. We provide employees the tools they need to manage their own health and wellness, including access to comprehensive health coverage, free health screenings, education on nutrition and mental health, and broader access to preventive services and no-cost medication.

We also provide resources that help employees juggle the demands of work and the rest of life’s responsibilities. Services like financial planning, employee assistance programs and retirement planning, as well as teleworking opportunities and paid time off, allow employees the chance to focus on the important things outside of work.

Total training hours for all employees: 346,952; Tuition assistance provided to employees: $492,439

We’ve created targeted programs to develop leaders and high-valued skill sets.

For example, our Accelerated Leadership Development Program provides junior officers and veterans transitioning from full-time military service with the opportunity to expand their industry knowledge and hone their skill sets through career exploration, mentoring, and support and coaching from senior leadership.

Our Actuarial Development Program is a global multi-year rotational program with emphasis on comprehensive actuarial exam support, the practical application of key actuarial skills, and leadership development – all with a focus on preparing participants for success as an actuary and business leader.

And our Professional Development Program provides participants with hands-on experience in 3-4 different roles across our organization.

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