4 free tools to help you improve your productivity

4 free tools to help you improve your productivity


4 free tools to help you improve your productivity

A new year is a great opportunity to make goals and plans to improve your organization at work and enjoy greater success in the coming year.

Disorganization can impact your job satisfaction and productivity. According to the Houston Chronicle, a lack of organization can lead to problems among team members, individual employees and the entire business.

Fortunately, there are a number of mobile apps, programs and websites that can ensure you stay organized and on the same page with coworkers.

Google Docs and Sheets

Cost: Free

Google has made sharing and collaborating with others simple. You can deliver, access, edit and create files free of charge. In addition, the storage capacity is substantial, making this product especially ideal for business use.

Not only are Google Docs and Google Sheets available on desktop computers and laptops, but individuals can also download the mobile application to stay in the loop while on a smartphone or tablet.


Cost: Free/ $2.99 (premium)

For optimal task-management and list-making, consider using the free version of Any.do. With this application, individuals are encouraged to review daily tasks and goals. The mobility of this application also allows employees to monitor and collaborate while on the go if necessary.


Cost: Free/ $6 per month (premium)

Interested in monitoring how much time you spend on various computer tasks, productive vs. unproductive?

Forbes recommended implementing the use of RescueTime in the office. With this helpful program, you can see how much time is spent working and how much is spent surfing the Web.

RescueTime monitors and records how time is spent and can show you when productivity is at its highest point. This program is specifically designed to help individuals manage their time appropriately to ensure optimal organization and task completion.


Cost: Free

PC Mag indicated that Evernote for iPhone is a great way for individuals to make notes and synchronize all files to a cloud service. This makes sharing information with others more effortless than ever. This particular app is free.

Evernote Scannable, which is also free, allows users to capture notes, documents and business cards with their camera.

 Keep in mind that any new tool will take some time to get use to and will require a little effort at the beginning. But stick with any of these and you’ll find yourself enjoying a more-productive 2016.

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