Unum Poland Corporate Social Responsibility work recognized

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Unum Poland Corporate Social Responsibility work recognized

Unum Poland’s recent corporate social responsibility efforts have been recognized by the Responsible Business Forum, the largest Corporate Social Responsibility review in Poland.

Unum Poland’s literary competition Once Upon a Time gives children in foster care the chance to write stories. Winners participate in a literary workshop and their stories are featured in a print publication.

Volunteer Day gives more than 300 employees the chance to visit 10 care and support facilities (orphanages, day-care centres, shelters, hospices) in remote areas where they help renovate buildings, organize activities for children, work in gardens and revamp playgrounds.

“We’ve been committed to several initiatives supporting children and teens to deliver meaningful support where it’s needed most,” Małgorzata Morańska, corporate communications specialist and president of Unum Foundation. “There’s no way we could have done this without our outstanding, dedicated volunteers, and we’re extremely proud to receive this distinction.” Unum is committed to helping people through difficult times. The company works to positively impact our customers, communities and environment while creating a workplace where each employee is valued and respected. Our company is built on the promise of helping people when they need it most.

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