Keep your team connected during coronavirus outbreak

Work Wisdom

Keep your team connected during coronavirus outbreak

As more and more employees navigate working from home during the coronavirus outbreak, it’s important to remember there are many benefits to this work style.

But there are also unique challenges managers may need help working through, whether they’re managing a whole team or individual employees.

Here are 5 tips to help your employees stay productive and feel connected no matter where they work.

  1. Communicate often. Send a chat message to engage employees throughout the day. Be sure to answer emails promptly so no one feels alone or ignored.
  2. Create a team culture. While it takes the entire team to create a positive culture, it starts at the top. Cultivate an open and judgement-free environment where employees can feel comfortable sharing their opinions and ideas. Celebrate individual and team wins and highlight those successful partnerships.
  3. Be honest about the challenges. Acknowledge the differences of this type of work arrangement. Encourage employees to bring up issues they’re facing and be open to new ideas to make it more effective.
  4. Take advantage of technology. Don’t rely on email for all your communication. Pick up the phone now and then for a live presence. Use video conference calls and group chats that engage the entire team since you can’t meet in person.
  5. Stay connected. Offer to supply a daily or weekly update outlining what folks are working on, challenges the team is facing and what’s been accomplished.