Leslie Bell is helping protect our world for the good of future generations

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Leslie Bell is helping protect our world for the good of future generations

A senior writer in Unum’s marketing communications and operations area in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Leslie Bell has been interested in nature and the outdoors since she was a child. With an MBA in sustainable development, she understands the importance of designing things to minimize waste and environmental impact and leads Unum’s Chattanooga Green Team to help spread the message of sustainability.

For Unum’s 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report, Leslie talked about her her passion for sustainable living and why she joined the company’s Green Team.

“When I started working at Unum, I was happy to find there was a Green Team I could get involved with to help educate my fellow Unum employees about the benefits of behaving sustainably at the office, which helps the planet and boosts the company’s bottom line.

“Recycling not only keeps stuff out of the landfill, it also reduces our waste hauling costs. Turning off lights and monitors reduces our carbon emissions and decreases our energy costs. So I’m passionate about showing people that behaving sustainably is a win-win, and it’s not really that hard to do.

“Participating on the Green Team also helps me feel connected to the company. It gives me the opportunity to put my whole self forward at work and connect with other employees that I might never otherwise meet.

“It’s wonderful to work with so many energetic, committed colleagues, all of whom are dedicated to helping keep our planet healthy and livable. Each of them takes time out of their very busy days to contribute to this mission at Unum.”

Visit Unum’s 2018 Corporate Responsibility site to learn more about how Unum and its employees are making a difference in people’s lives, from customers and employees — and, just as importantly, to the communities they call home.

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