Unum named Volunteers in Public Schools Apple Award winner

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Unum named Volunteers in Public Schools Apple Award winner

Unum was recently awarded the Volunteers in Public Schools Apple Award as a Distinguished Partner in Education for its community partnership with LaSalle Elementary School, located only a few blocks from the company’s office in Baton Rouge.

This is the second year Unum has partnered with the elementary school, but the company’s dedication and support has the strength of a decade-old partnership.

“Although Unum has only served as our community partner for two years, their impact on our school has been tremendous,” said LaSalle Elementary’s Dean of Students Monique Chiasson. “Their eagerness to go above and beyond from day one has been invaluable to both the students and our teachers. During this time, they have provided continued support in various areas needed to enhance our students’ development academically, socially and emotionally.”

For the 2018–2019 school year, Unum employees recorded 347 volunteer hours supporting the company’s public education pillar. Although Unum works with other educational partners in the Baton Rouge area, support for LaSalle is seeded deep with employees. Employee volunteers are an important aspect of the partnership — for both sides.

“They have donated resources, money, and — most importantly — their time to help enhance student achievement and increase awareness regarding community engagement,” Chiasson said.

Within the last six weeks, Unum employees helped LaSalle close out the school year, provided one last craft for students — inspired by Asian Pacific Islander Month — and handed out more than 500 books to encourage summer reading. At the end of May, volunteers for the morning reading program sadly said goodbye for the summer. And in between, Unum won the Volunteers in Public Schools Apple Award.

While the award may not be able to describe the full value of the partnership, LaSalle administrators and the written nomination certainly tries. “We realize, as educators, that several variants contribute to a positive student culture,” Chiasson said. “The consistent presence of Unum volunteers on our campus shows the students that volunteers in the community care about them and are invested in their learning experiences.”

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