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Returning to work after a baby

Sleepless nights, making bottles, when did you last shower? Those first few weeks after bringing home baby can be overwhelming, but every parent goes through it.

And just when it seems like you’re getting into a routine – BAM, it’s time to head back to work. Add to the list above, setting the alarm super early and getting everyone dressed and out the door on time.

There’s no set formula for making each day easy, but here are a few ways to help smooth the process for returning to work:

  • Ease into it: Returning to work life gradually might help. Try going back mid-week and only for half-days rather than jumping right back into the full 40 on a Monday.
  • Get as much rest as possible: You need to go to bed earlier because you’ll be getting up earlier. Sticking to a regular bedtime will help especially if the baby isn’t sleeping through the night yet.
  • Prep the night before: Pick out everyone’s clothes, make the coffee, pre-make bottles and pack lunches.
  • Be patient: You’re now responsible for the well-being of another person so give yourself a break. Rather than focusing on everything that went wrong that day, focus on one positive accomplishment – even if it’s getting to work without spit up on your shirt.
  • Find a mommy mentor: Talk to a co-worker who’s been through the same thing and can give you some advice on the transition. He or she will also enjoy looking at new baby pictures.



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